Currently Being Rebuilt / Past Rebuilds

Dominion EF 20 Inch rip saw £2950 fully refurbished with new bearings new belts and new starter DC Brake available at a extra cost.

Zimmermann Profiler Sander £2300

All of our rebuilt machines are fully stripped down of every bolt not just a simple clean and paint.

Previous rebuilt machines are shown below.

Wadkin 20″ BSW Ripsaw

Wadkin Double Disc Sander major refurbishment

Phillipson Single sided Sander major refurbishment

Wadkin SO Rip Saw

Phillipson bobbin sander

Phillipson Profiler

Phillipson Profiler 2

Zimmermann 36 Inch Disc Sander

Wadkin DM Morticer

Sedgwick Planer

Wadkin Baos Refurbishment