Cast Machine Parts / CNC

Anything that is cast we can make whether it be cast iron aluminium steel etc, we carry stock of certain patterns for various machines.

With the latest purchase of our Haas VF6 Machining center we can maintain our accuracy and machine various metals to include aluminium Iron and steel.
We also have a Thermwood C-67 CNC Router which can machine a range of materials such as hardwoods and softwoods, tooling boards model boards and Polystyrene.
With over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience, we can help through the initial Design Process, Prototype and Production phases.
We are committed to the highest standards of excellence and have built our reputation on our quality, reliability, and competitive pricing.
We can rapidly produce exact, highly detailed patterns and moulds for nearly any industry using our CNC process.
Our machines and working envelopes are listed below:

X AXIS (LENGTH) 1626 mm
Y AXIS (WIDTH) 813 mm
Z AXIS (HEIGHT) 762 mm

Photo 26-06-2016, 17 14 24








X AXIS (LENGTH) 3000 mm
Y AXIS (WIDTH) 1500 mm
Z AXIS (HEIGHT) 620 mm

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Wadkin AGSP Fingerplate
Wadkin AGSP Fingerplate
Wadkin AGSP Fingerplate
Wadkin AGSP Fingerplate
Wadkin DM
Wadkin DM
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